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We may never know if it’s worth the wait. Things can go from normal to hectic in a matter of seconds. Anything can happen between now and then. It might just be the fact that we’re only human and like to hold onto these strands of hope and unwritten promises. Telling ourselves that…



Made this for babe. One of the gifts i gave him that was part of my Prom asking :3

This is ridiculously cute.

Thank you mom for
  • raising me the right way
  • feeding me 
  • taking care of me when I was sick
  • buying me things and the things I wanted 
  • giving me money
  • asking how my day went 
  • always being there when I needed you
  • giving me a ride to places 
  • cooking the food
  • cleaning the house
  • giving me a beautiful face and smile 
  • taking sacrifices for me 
  • thank you for being my medicine everyday 
  • giving birth to me
  • being my mommy

I’m sorry mom for


  • Never taking the time to appreciate what you do.
  • Not saying ” Thank you ” or ” I love you ” as often as I should.
  • Disrespecting you.
  • Not spending time with you.
  • Asking for too much.
  • Talking back.
  • Arguing with you.
  • So much.


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Are you Chinese or Asian?


Are you stupid or stupid? 

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